What kind of unique submarine of the Black Sea Fleet “Alrosa” went to the test?

Earlier it was reported that Alrosa replenish the Baltic Fleet. During the repair-modernization, the submarine received new opportunities for using its weapons. However, her fate has now changed. At the same time, the submarine retained its stealth capabilities — the unique project 877B provides for equipping the boat with a jet propulsion instead of a propeller, which reduces its noise level to a minimum. The most important update is that the submarine has become the carrier of the Caliber-PL cruise missiles. It remains the only ship built according to this subproject. At the moment, it is the oldest submarine of the Black Sea Fleet. During the repair, the ship was equipped with Caliber cruise missiles; it is distinguished from other submarines of the series by a water cannon. in Nizhny Novgorod under building number 607. Updates installed
During the repair, the ship acquired new combat and technical capabilities, which put it on a par with six boats that have come to the Black Sea Fleet in recent years. Diesel-electric submarine left the bay of the 13th shipyard. The oldest submarine of the Black Sea Fleet “Alrosa” left the plant in Sevastopol for testing. She had a characteristic design feature — instead of a propeller, a water jet propulsion was installed on it. Some of them have already participated in supporting the ground operation in Syria — they attacked ISIS militants (an organization banned in Russia) with Caliber cruise missiles. Rate the material Caliber-PL — Russian integrated missile system deployed in 533 mm submarine torpedo tubes and designed to destroy surface, underwater and ground targets. Description
“Alrosa” was built at a plant in Nizhny Novgorod. AiF.ru looked into other features of this submarine and how it could strengthen the Black Sea Fleet. Former merits
Until 2013, for a long time it was the only active submarine of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Armed Forces. In 2014-2016, the Black Sea Fleet received six modern submarines. Built according to project 877 “Halibut”, it differs from other submarines of the series by an experimental water jet, installed instead of a propeller to reduce visibility. For many years, she provided combat training for the anti-submarine forces of the Black Sea Fleet, participated in international exercises. In the near future, the crew of the submarine will prepare for the development of course tasks, after which they will return to the combat strength of a separate brigade of submarines of the Black Sea Fleet. The boat was laid down on May 17, 1988 at the Krasnoe Sormovo shipyard. In 1989, she crossed to the Black Sea via internal routes and in December 1990 she became part of the Navy. Because of this, the submarine has become the quietest among the domestic submarines of the Varshavyanka type, which are called the Black Hole for their noiselessness in NATO. Initially, the boat was built according to project 877B, which provided for equipping the boat with a water jet instead of a propeller.

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