The Embassy warned about the consequences of the expulsion of diplomats from Bulgaria

On March 2, two diplomats were declared persona non grata because they were allegedly engaged in “intelligence”. p>
“The Russian side completely denies these accusations,” — cites a statement from the TASS embassy. Read on RBC Pro Pro “I’m like a ninja in a street fight”: Ray Dalio on the impact of meditation that under the air conditioner you can catch a cold
This is not the first time this year that the Bulgarian authorities have announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats. Declaring as persona non grata and unacceptable persons 70 employees of Russian diplomatic institutions in Bulgaria is an “unprecedented, slanderous, completely unfounded and provocative act,” the report says. “In this case, the responsibility for the extremely grave consequences for relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bulgaria will fall entirely on the Bulgarian side,” — says the statement. On March 18, the Bulgarian authorities decided to expel ten more diplomats, and in early April— first secretary of the Russian embassy, ​​against whom a case of espionage was initiated in Bulgaria. Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram

Истoчник The decision of the Bulgarian authorities to expel 70 Russian diplomats on June 28 was reported by the BNR agency with reference to the acting Prime Minister Kirill Petkov. Petkov explained the decision to expel him by the fact that most of the diplomats worked, according to him, for special services under cover. If Sophia refuses to withdraw the note of expulsion, the Russian authorities will face the question of closing the embassy. The Russian embassy said that they are diplomats, including the adviser— Russian envoy Filipp Voskresensky, and technical staff. If Bulgaria does not cancel the decision to expel the diplomats, Russia will face the issue of closing the embassy, ​​the statement of the Russian representative office says

The decision of the Bulgarian authorities to expel 70 employees of the Russian embassy from the country will lead to extremely difficult consequences for relations two countries, the Russian diplomatic mission said in a statement. He also said that the plane with Russian diplomats should leave the country on July 3.

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