Starbucks leaves Russia, and restaurant signs in McDonald’s were dismantled

The Starbucks coffee chain is completely leaving Russia. “We say goodbye to an era”, – write in Telegram channels. There were photos of the dismantling of signs in Khimki, Moscow, etc. And sold McDonald’s continues to change. Most often, residents advocated the name of the fast food chain – McDuck. Some also advocated the name Uncle Vanya. But the CEO of McDonald’s denied these rumors, it is known that they do not plan to keep the yellow letter “M” in the new brand. As Topnews wrote earlier, the Russians offered almost 300 new names for McDonald’s. In this regard, the dismantling of signs at McDonald’s restaurants has begun throughout the country. Join our group in VK to keep abreast of events in Russia and the world
Истoчник The new owner will change the name. In the media, information has also appeared about how McDonald’s will be called. Previously, Starbucks was closed in March of this year, coffee shops have not opened. Western business adjusts to sanctions. The owner liquidates the Russian legal entity “Coffee Sirena”. According to media reports, Starbucks will lay off all employees within three months. Recall that under the terms of the deal, the chain of fast food restaurants cannot be called McDonald’s. We are talking about “MS” – allegedly therefore even the branded letter “M” will remain. The Izvestia source reports that the classic menu will remain in the sold McDonald’s. According to the agreement, the new owner of McDonald’s is obliged to keep within two years, jobs and salaries to the team.

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