Show up without delay. Stories of those who were called

They, like thousands of other people, go to the army without delay. I am obliged to come and leave. 
At one time, Sergei served as an urgent officer in the landing assault brigade of the Northern Navy. There were two seals and a mark in red chalk. Including in the Chechen company and in Syria. “That is, I had combat guards. The military registration and enlistment office in Moscow's Butyrsky district. Partial mobilization gradually comes to families. «‎I was immediately sent to an office. spoke with conscripts who were called up under the new law. A day after a man turns 30, he will be drafted into the army. The wife hugs goodbye and hears a gentle whisper: “I'll be back.” The man came to the recruiting station ready, in camouflage. He guessed that he would fall into the ranks of the servicemen — on the eve of the introduction of the law, people came to him from the military registration and enlistment office. He is 44 years old, came to the draft board voluntarily, goes to the service with joy. Tell your fellow journalists that the boys have stayed and they will protect you, — said the conscript, entering the bus. 
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Истoчник They said that it was impossible to refuse. Evasion is punishable by law. He is 25, a few years ago he served as a conscript, specialty — shooter. He's a SWAT shooter. 

“I'm going to protect women and children. According to those who have already got to the recruiting station, so far  no one knows exactly where they will be sent. In the forefront are those who have previously served in the army. “The summons was handed over, so to speak, by volunteers from the military registration and enlistment office. Then the Muscovite was not at home, and when the decision was issued, he voluntarily went to the draft board. This means that the agenda is urgent, — he tells reporters.  A wife came to see Nikita off and asked the journalists to let her husband go so they could hug goodbye. They took a military ID, some kind of card, my mobilization ticket and said that they were waiting for the training camp from September 26 to October 10. Most likely, they called for this, », — Sergei thinks. But Sergey was told to come to the training camp a little later. He says that he participated in hostilities three times. “In the morning the summons came, in the evening I'm leaving”, — told mobilized Nikita. According to fragmentary information from recruits from the training center, it can be understood that some are taught to ride tanks and armored personnel carriers, and in the future they will go to the South-East of the country. 
Against such stories, Andrey Vasin stands out in particular. Wives, children and girls are waiting to say goodbye to their loved ones.

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