Sean Paul Visits Buju Banton In Prison Says Greatness Is Coming

Big up Jamaica. “Today I went to check Buju Banton the great legend,” SP said. “He is in great spirits and him a tell everybody say 12 months time and you can expect greatness again. This week, Sean Paul visited the McRae Correctional Institution in Georgia where Buju is being housed and sat down for a chat with the Grammy-winning singer. KEEPING FIT AN EATING HEALTHY!!! BARE JOKE AN SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS ASWELL!!! Legend!”
Sean Paul has been a close friend of Buju Banton for years and has visited him in prison more than once since his incarceration in 2011. A post shared by SEAN PAUL (@duttypaul) on Oct 1, 2017 at 11:00pm PDT He said the reggae legend is in great spirit and sends shoutouts to all his fans. He appealed the conviction several times over the past years but lost each on of them until he eventually gave up and opted to serve out his sentence. @bujuofficial IT WAS GOOD 2 C U MY G!!! Him say fi hail up everybody. Big up Buju Banton! RRR!!! Big up uno self. The Grammy-winning reggae star was sentenced to 10 years for a drug trafficking conviction in South Florida. SPENT 3HOURS TALKING WITH HIM!!! #GREATNESS #ICON ????????????????#FREEBUJU ?????#MADPEOPLETINGDEYSHOULDKNO RRR!!! All who doing good and doing bad. TweetShare
Sean Paul visited Buju Banton in prison earlier this week and returned with a simple message from the Gargamel, greatness is coming. TEACHING CLASSES @ TIMES 2 INMATES!!! HAS NOT BROKEN!!! Buju Banton has just over a year more to serve his prison term and will be released at the end of next year. STILL VERRY FOCUSED!!!

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