Ricardo Fuller aka The Baller Breaks Silence Says Danielle D.I. Is Lying

“When i was with my ex-fiancé, the baller, when mi and the baller lef is a £1 Million pound settlement mi and him guh, yeah? where she said that they were engaged and she walked away from the relationship with a £1 Million settlement. ended almost a decade ago and he also made a point to refute any other claims that she made about him during the interview. where she sings “The Baller buss a salad and cut.” Seems that line in the song hit a sore spot for D.I. “I was never engaged to Danielle Isaacs neither did I give Danielle Isaacs £1 Million pounds as a settlement as she claimed on the program.”
In his lengthy statement, Ricardo Fuller also stated that his relationship with Danielle D.I. Ricardo Fuller, aka The Baller, is calling Danielle D.I. a liar. The former Stoke City striker breaks his silence following a recent interview by D.I. “I Ricardo Fuller wish to refute claims made in a recent interview on stage aired on September 22nd, 2017 by Danielle Isaacs also known as D.I,” he said in a statement to the media. Fuller became embroiled in the controversy when Ishawna released a diss track aimed at D.I. Fuller, who is now married to another woman, is now saying that she was lying because they were never engaged and he never gave her a million dollars. cause a wan rich rich rich millionaire dat mi guh in as the wife and exit as the wife,” she said during an interview with Winford Williams of OnStage. who spoke about it at length during the interview that you can watch below.

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