Philo B – Animal Planet

Slicin’ Lil Havana, ceiling panoramic
Banana Panamera, redefyin’ aerodynamics
T.V touchscreen in the console, I’m changin the channel
We in the jungle, so I turned that shit to animal planet
You see the lions, the tigers, the bears, the sheep that creep
The leopard on the sheets, the snakes all in the street
I keep my rifle for huntin’, you monkeys dead meat
No santeria, but the chicken heads in my Jeep
It sound like a grizzly when the vehicle vroom
Ivory tusk from a elephant in the theater room, animal planet
National geographic, the carpet is zebra fabric
The quattroporte look like a shark when you seen him in traffic
Wrist full of karats I’m attractin’ all the silly rabbits
Stack it ’til its bibliographic so we can feed the cattle
Coconut cadillac, the catalyst for cataracts
Never seen me bungle ’cause the jungle is my habitat
Blunders is a no, we see a rat we let it rat-ta-tat
Tolerance is low for tattle-tellers so we handle that
Bitch I be in jags as if them shits ain’t endangered
Familiar with the gift of gab I’m good with business exchanges
We came out the forest unscathed despite the pigeons who hated
This players’ prestidigitation got her coverin’ my payments on the 2-0-1-7 G-L-A 250 S.U.V
I’m like L.L in In Too Deep
A god in these streets
You squealed to the pigs now we deal with your peeps
A blade to the cheek slice the bacon off your niece
It’s a war going on outside
But I’m covered by the blood of the beloved
And pistol grips thats rubber
She got anaconda tendencies, really I couldn’t trust her
Amphibian on my El Dorado steering column cover
And blessed be thy build
I keep the weapon concealed
She’s slippery like a eel ’cause the pills that I yield
A magnum when I smash ’em, keep protection like a shield
If I was a beaver still wouldn’t give a dam ’bout how ya feel

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