PhilliMAK – Come Back To Me lyrics

Where do I go from here? You can’t be replaced. [Verse 2]
What happened to us? Chorus 2x
I’ll take any chance I have
To bring you back. I can’t phantom the thought of one more day without you. I was foolish to think
I was better off without you. [Chorus]
I shouldn’t have let you go. You walked out on us. My world is no more. You helped me see your beauty. Come back to me baby
You lighten up my life on a cloudy day. [Verse 1]
Every day I wake up
And I think about you. What can I do baby
To get you back with me? Come back to me baby
Cause I can’t live without you. Take away my pain. When does the pain stop? Don’t end this now. I wish I could take back
Everything I’ve done to you. You made me shine
You made me glow. We have something special
That no one can take away. Cause I need you. My mistake can’t be taken back. You were so special to me baby. How could be so stupid? You were my world. Come back to me baby
Cause I’m so lost in this world without you. Come back to me baby
I lost my life when you vanished into thin air. I shouldn’t have said those things
To make you walk out.

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