Our Last Night – Six Fists Hit Harder Than None Lyrics

Romance wakens as it acts as a medicine for the sick. And as my teeth start to crumble,
the ruins form shapes of bows and arrows that shoot their way to victory. I am justice anticipating sweet revenge, like a killer. My faults are overcome by endearment and I am free to go. With cinder blocks tied to my ankles I float to the surface. Who knew Eden was arms lengths away? I raise my hands in triumph and a sigh of relief as my feet are no longer paralyzed with cement, and I can move again. It cures millions who didn’t think they had the slightest chance. The first place I’ll go is the only place I know, so please let me in. I never did realize what living actually was. OUR LAST NIGHTSix Fists Hit Harder Than None Lyrics
Cut the chord from this power supply that gives control to this failure. Finally I can taste it, a taste so sweet. As the fog clears out, promise appears in the distance.

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