Norway demanded to share “surplus profits” from gas with Ukraine

The Kremlin noted that Poland has adopted a “rabid policy” towards Russia – on the verge of insanity. As Topnews wrote earlier, Russia deprived Poland, Bulgaria and Finland of gas after they refused to pay for “blue fuel” in rubles. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs referred to the fact that their Pension Fund is strange and has not received 51.2 billion dollars, and they are already helping Ukraine. It even threatens to stop production if gas supplies from Russia stop. There is another scandal in the political arena related to the gas crisis in Europe. This is not normal, this is unfair,” said Morawiecki. “They should immediately share this excess, gigantic profit. The agreement has been in force since 1993 and could be terminated at the end of 2022. In particular, Morawiecki considered that Norway would receive over 100 billion euros, because the rest will pay 4-5 times higher for gas. The politician recalled that in 2022 a gas pipeline from Norway to Poland would be completed, which means that the country would receive a lot of money. Meanwhile, the Polish government tore up the agreement on the supply of Russian gas. Poland put forward new conditions for Europe. Against this background, Reuters, citing a member of the BMW board of directors, reported serious consequences for the German auto industry. Norway has already answered Poland: the data on the “surplus profits” of their state are incorrect. >
Истoчник This time, Poland demanded that Norway share part of its oil and gas revenues with Ukraine. This statement was made by Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish Prime Minister. Russian Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova explained Poland's eagerness to demand profit from Norway: according to her, the Polish leadership considers Kyiv's income “Warsaw's income”. Vladimir's press secretary Putin, Dmitry Putin refused to make forecasts and noted that it is difficult to predict the development of the situation with gas.

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