Nick Land – The Dark Enlightenment: Neoreaction & Modernity – Hour 1

He is also known for being a primary theorist of the Neoreactionary movement. We begin by discussing Nick’s background. Nick argues that such a divorce would allow for competition between different political factions, revealing which lead to success and which do not. The first hour touches on much more, including universalism, modernity, and multiculturalism. America capitalism China Cultural Marxism Europe fascism Leftism libertarianism NRx science technologyNick Land is an English philosopher, writer, and pioneer of the theory fiction genre. Nick argues that we must dismantle the managerial state, explaining that the Right shouldn’t count on being able to control it indefinitely. Initially a libertarian, Nick eventually stumbled upon the work of Mencius Moldbug.  We then discuss Islam and European politics. – responsible for promoting progressivism. Nick explains how Europe’s ongoing demographic transformation is poised to drastically alter the European political landscape. Nick then describes the cathedral, which refers to the alliance of institutions – NGOs, corporations, academia, etc. Nick joins us for a fascinating discussion on Neoreaction, progressivism, and the future of Western civilization. The show concludes with a consideration of whether or not the Left will realize its mistakes before it’s too late. Later, we talk about the need for an ideological divorce, as Western nations have become far too divided to function properly. This leads to a consideration of the central ideas of Neoreaction. We discuss neocameralism, an approach to governance that incorporates free market forces. In the members’ hour, we switch gears to consider potential solutions to the West’s decline. Later, Nick draws an apt comparison between the invention of the printing press and the rise of the Internet.