Need a Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift?

Our store   has awesome subscriptions you can give to the literary moms in your life instantly. (And if you’re really out to impress,   sign ‘em for   both   clubs here.)
Check the product descriptions for a special letter you can print out or email to let mom know they’ve just received a gift that’ll keep on giving throughout the year! Need a Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift? By The Rumpus
May 13th, 2018

We’ve got you covered! A subscription to   Letters in the Mail   makes the perfect present for a mom looking for literary inspiration to land in her mailbox twice monthly! More from this author → And, we have   6-month   and   12-month   subscriptions to our incredible Book Club, and   6-month   and   12-month   subscriptions to the equally awesome Poetry Book Club, for moms who want early access to great books and exclusive conversations with authors! And remember, these subscriptions help us keep The Rumpus alive, so your friends and family   can correspond with their   favorite writers, read great books, and you’ll support the website, all in one fell swoop.