Lennart Svensson – Science Fiction Seen from the Right – Hour 1

We then explore right-wing themes in a few popular works of science fiction and fantasy, including Starship Troopers, Dune, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hideous Strength. Lennart joins us to discuss right-wing themes in science fiction. Although he began writing exclusively in Swedish, Lennart now writes in English as well. Clarke. Lennart explains that his work, therefore, seeks to remedy this situation. We discuss Kallocain, a book which has many parallels with George Orwell’s 1984. Lennart then argues that Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World is much more applicable to our situation today, as 1984 is more reminiscent of 20th century totalitarianism. The first hour also touches on relationship between technology and science, with Lennart advocating a spiritualized view of technology as a means to resist lapsing into materialistic nihilism. America esoteric Europe extraterrestrials fantasy literature Nationalism scienceLennart Svensson is a Swedish author. The members’ hour also explores some highly esoteric topics relating to science fiction: human origins, extraterrestrial races, and more. We first consider the fact that contemporary science fiction often comes from a left-wing perspective. Later, we discuss a number of other authors, including Ernst Junger and Arthur C. He is the author of numerous books and essays, including Science Fiction Seen from the Right, Redeeming Lucifer, and Borderline: A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man. In the members’ hour, we continue our examination of science fiction and fantasy as seen from the right. This leads to a discussion on how the control of language is being used to limit the ability of the masses to express politically incorrect views.