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June 13th, 2018

Have you ever wondered why parrots copy human speech? Read how parrots learn to speak, the special features of their brains, vocal learning abilities, common words they can learn, and how they use their tongues similar to humans! Linda enjoys exploring new topics and consulting experts to help children discover real facts about the amazing world they live in. In between writing projects she enjoys sharing her presentations at schools and libraries. Linda Bozzo   is an award-winning author of more than sixty nonfiction books for children. Through June 30, purchase   a   yearly Letters for Kids subscription   and we’ll send you your own hardcover copy of   When Parrots Speak   signed by Linda Bozzo! Do they really know what they’re saying? Already have a subscription? Can they learn as well as mimic? Are you a librarian or teacher buying for your classroom? We can   postpone the start of your subscription until school reopens in the fall! More from this author → Learn the answers to these questions and more in   When Parrots Speak   by Linda Bozzo! &laquo Previous post like this

Keep the Kids Reading All Summer with a Special Giveaway! Or gift it to a classroom, library, or another special child in your life! For more information about Linda, you can visit her web site at