Darya, Igor – What Do Russians Think About the Liberal World Order and Russophobia in the West?

Next, we discuss Russia’s political system, which is, contrary to what some might think, neither Communist nor fascist. Darya Andreeva is a journalist affiliated with multiple news outlets, including Russia Today. After some necessary introductions, we dive into the main topic of our show: Russia. Igor and Darya explain that Russia is quite conservative, and that the average Russian would be considered far-right in America. alt-right America Communism Cultural Marxism Europe fascism Liberalism Nationalism Putin RussiaIgor Starkov is a photographer, journalist, and art-curator. A video version of this show is available here. First, Igor and Darya tell us what they think about the Russian hysteria sweeping the West. Our show covers many other topics, including Russian identity, multiculturalism, and how Russia views the Alt-Right.