Listen Nessly and Lil Yachty New Song “Guacamole”

I thought it was pretty random but was on-board immediately. “While he was on tour he called me randomly asking if I had the beat to it still so he could record a verse. [Lil] Yachty always loved it and used to send me Snapchats of him singing along to it,” Nessly said. “Guacamole’ was a song I recorded in 2014. The tasty banger features the two Atlanta rappers rhyming with auto-tune over an infectious beat. During a recent interview with Complex, he revealed that the song was written from back in 2014. “Shorty know that am a rock star / She just want to live the life / Ni**as say he selling real hair / Hit the lean up with the light / Hit my leader with the sprite / Put the lean up on the ice,” Nessly raps. You can also get the full lyrics here. TM88 put the finishing touches on it.”
Listen to Nessly and Lil Yachty new song “Guacamole” below. The track centers around the pairs wealth as they flaunt their money using catchy metaphors. Tweet
Nessly and Lil Yachty team up for a new banger “Guacamole” produced by TM88. For every other line that Nessly and Lil Boat bounce off each other they reference their possession, making it known that they are much richer than the average rappers out now.

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