Leo O’kelly – Venezuela Lyrics

LEO O’KELLYVenezuela Lyrics
The heavens hang low here in Venezuela, so proud the mountains shine a
Thousand miles away
The breeze blows free through the grasslands of Venezuela, we’re living at
The edge of the world
We pray for the day, we long for the night to come, through the ozone layer
The yellow star blazed on
It’s only a mythology; we never know whatever is it couldn’t be better
Still only our sadness holds us apart, sorrow holds us together
We reel in the glare here in Venezuela, through the shimmering haze we
Watch the telescopes turn
We swoon in the stare here in Venezuela, we fall and wither on a shadowless
Never surmount, no, never surpass, no, never surrender
How wearily, how bravely we drive the animals home
In this Paradise the light just burns our faces
Come the day those rays will shine on through

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