Ladies Of Beach City – Everyday (feat. Snoop Dogg)

but I’m already so funny how the money change a nigga
We outta control, it’s my life, and the time’s right so
I’ma take flight, see my headlights, full speed ahead, got my head right, ’cause there ain’t no room for the parasites
You don’t know
You don’t know what I go through everyday
[Verse 3]
I try not to let these growing pains get to me
I lost some family, weak niggas ain’t shit to me
I lost my brother, one bullet
And I pray everyday for that nigga who cocked and pulled it
Then my sister went to sleep, and she never woke again
So we never spoke again
And mama got four kids, li’l bro doin’ time and I’m the only one here
Everyday is something new, livin’ life on the edge
Can never get comfortable
But I’ma be the best mama to my son, he only four, and he only know his mama
You don’t know what I go through everyday
You don’t know
You don’t know what I go through everyday
You don’t [Intro]
You don’t know what I go through everyday
La da da da da
Long Beach
You don’t know
[Verse 1]
Let me tell you bout my life, my daddy ain’t shit
And my mama served the white
The devil is a bitch, I’m still puttin’ up a fight
My granny saved my life, because I wasn’t living right
I got my head to the sky, spittin’ [?]
Hold up, if you want it then I really got it
I really started from the bottom, I’m just bein’ honest
I know some niggas that know some niggas that know somebody
I got ’em saying my pain game be catchin’ bodies
With no shottys, I murder it, then apply the pressure
I live one hell of a life, that’s why I think I’m next up
I’m trynna change a few lives, and hopefully be the best one
I live one hell of a life, even off the record
[Verse 2]
Executive, immaculate [?], main attractions
Prestigious, reachin’ the deepest of every satisfaction
Lord knows that I struggle through the times [?]
Late nights [?], trynna cuddle
But no more emptiness, [?]
I’m on the way, [?] got me on my particles
Goin’ barnacles, articles [?] hover me
Feel like I’m unstoppable, [?]
Bimmer drop-top of ’em
Kick my feet up, screamin’ domino
What’s it like? ‘Cause I gotta know
‘Cause I’m hotter than a volcano

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