Joe Budden – The Truth Lyrics

(Then here)
I’m on the same corner as the Muslims with the paper for a dollar
Don’t care what you doin’, you let your temper flare and start brewing
You’ll be sorry this year like Rubin
Got robbed once, a nigga truck broken into
And I made some new friends, is it all coincidental? A few dudes got them llamas waitin’ to hit you
Look what a Vibe award and Grammy nomination’ll get you, uh
Had one fistfight with a nigga, six-five (right there)
Jersey City Grounds Chicken where it gets live (right there)
Rumours, crazy ass thoughts about me
And artists that I don’t know, they wanna talk about me
Your family I.D. you in the morgue if you doubt me
Female rappers too, I don’t give a what, boo
Like I don’t read what you pricks’ll say to a magazine? The industry don’t want it to be none of your business, uh
But I’ma still be regular Joe, fuck it
And Def Jam want me to make hits with no budget
Lyor [?] Kev I still make hits with no [?]
And give myself to whole public (come on)
Yeah, nigga [Intro]
(Yeah) Uh
(New Joe Budden)
(It’s) Uh
(It’s… it’s that On Top Music!)
(DJ Go, Joe Budden)
(You now listenin’ to “The Truth”)
(DJ OnPoint, Joe Budden, let’s go)
[?] old soul through the fire and tears
A nigga seen too much, a little wise beyond my years
But ain’t nothin’ changed or raped me (nah)
And fame ain’t made me (nah), but the game’s tryna drive me crazy
Oh-three was kinda rough (tell ’em why)
Two burners pulled out on me, none of ’em bust
One dude both times, and only one of ’em bust
Nobody killed around, almost like I got a shield around me (you heard)
You haters wanna holler? Y’all won’t say it to a magazine (faggots)
But I write the real most DJs won’t play (uh-huh)
What people might think, but a nigga wouldn’t say (talk to ’em)
Everybody runnin’ round frontin’, what is this?

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