JINX (jr.) – Avoid A Snake lyrics

They always say they would help You, but You will soon see that they won’t. If a Grave Digger couldn’t find a shovel, then they would probably use a rake. If they wasn’t so curious then they probably would’ve never met Me. Most People can hardly take care of themselves, so how could they watch and pet other People. And most of them don’t care about no body else. In an Afterlife, some want a sequel. But they want You to look at them with their selfish selves. Everybody wonder like the World is a mystery. City to City, State to State and Place to Place. Smile when they see You, but frown down upon You when they don’t. It seems it can’t get any worse with Everybody dising Grace. Men or Women. People act just like the Devil too, they roll their eyes and curse You. Want to start all the drama and open up a case. Go to Church and want to sit up in the steeple. Could’ve been anybody else, like a God and a Church. No one can talk about anyone by their name, but race. Wouldn’t go nowhere without some make-up on Your face. Wherever You may go in the whole wide World, it is impossible to avoid a Snake. If Heaven was on Earth and Earth was on Heaven, then they’d choose Earth. Used to sell the Children, now they sell the whole Birth. If We all should’ve came together, then Ya’ll could’ve stayed where Ya’ll were. I never want anyone to try to put Me first. Got something worthless before a life and as long as they got it loses worth.

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