Ishawna Talks Danielle D.I. Beef and Disrespecting Miss Lou

“She said a lot of things in her interview and everything that she said was not true and I am not really here to discuss what she said in her interview, I am just speaking on what I know about. were never friends, we never use to cross roads together none of that. Her gritty diss records drew some controversy for some lyrics where she was disrespected D.I.’s mother. beef ended as fast as it started. The dancehall deejay then discussed some recent backlash over some remarks she said about Miss Lou on Instagram and her recent “Equal Rights” single. Me here a mind my business a go my gym, a drink my water, a take my vitamins, and I just heard a song about me. I don’t know anything about D.I., me and D.I. While the “Equal Rights” appears to be the victor, it came at a price. She also said that she has a lot more to come but didn’t elaborate on her new singles. She also spoke in depth about the mother situation where she said that she has no regrets. Speaking with Winford Winford on OnStage last weekend, Ishawna says she has no regrets about the “mother” lyrics. I had a flight because I was suppose to go England and my flight got postponed and I just decided that I am going to answer her because I have some free times on my hands.”
Ishawna said that initially she didn’t want to respond, but because she had some free time on her hands she decided to go in the studio and released a diss track. Tweet
Ishawna and Danielle D.I. “I’ve just been doing my things, deal with my career as everybody knows that’s what I do, I focus on me and I just heard a song came out about me,” Ishawna said.

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