Diss God – PontiacMadeDDG Diss Track

Aight, bet! Seen you at Flight Club, you was not with the shits
Little 5 foot Darryl keep talkin’ that shit
And you leased your i8, so how the fuck are you rich? Bitch, you need to get your racks larger
This belt goes around and comes around like some bad karma
Just for comin’ at my neck, yo gon’ get exposed
I’m bout to tell y’all niggas somethin’ that you didn’t know
I wouldn’t do this but yo ass actin’ like a hoe
MysticGotJokes sucked all on your girl’s toes
Right in front of him, ooh, I had to come for him
We gon’ box, pussy boy, you know I’m done wit’ him
Mystic had them toes in his mouth with the tongue on ’em
Hit him with that jab, uppercut, havin’ fun with him
Twenty ads on every vid, you are not rich
Wanna box ’cause you used to do it, you are not slick
Let him suck on your girl’s toes like a soft bitch
Stood there and watched, stupid nigga, you are not shit
We don’t sleep on no beef (we ain’t sleepin’ on them niggas)
If you hard, why you block me on Twitter, ayy
We don’t play wit’ no beef, yuh (we ain’t playin’ wit’ em)
That should tell you he’s a bitch ass lil nigga, ayy
Tweetin’ at me all week, yuh (stop tweetin’ at me)
Stop cryin’, nigga, get up out yo feelings, ayy
We don’t squash no beef, yuh (we ain’t squashin’ nothin’)
You a short lil bitch, call you Krillin, ayy (b-b-b-b-b-b-boom!) How you got a million but barely get a million? Put that red dot on his forehead like a Indian
This is not you channel, bitch, it’s Kennedy’s and Jillian’s
I’m comin’ at yo neck big chopper, nigga, doo-doo-doo
How you gonna let RiceGum’s shadow get more views than you? Remember when I called yo girl and she answered naked? Part I: Produced by Lil Laudiano
[Verse 1]
I’m a muhfuckin’ asshole, but you knew the shit
Moved to LA, niggas fake, but I’m used to this
I tipped the bitch a blue hunnid then she blew this dick
You chase a hoe every month, nigga, choose a bitch
Nigga, fuck yo i8, bitch, got the ‘Rari
Flight talkin’ shit, but what happened to Ari Ari? Krab’s daughter
Flexin’ with a thou? Oh, he gon’ regret this bitch

[Verse 2]
What is that on the top of yo lip? Ten vids on a nigga, get the fuck off my dick
Tryna hit me but you missed, like your shot from the three
Stop talkin’ ’bout shooters, bitch, you not from the streets
Why you always wearin’ Buffies but you not from the D
You a short ass nigga, ol’ dwarf ass nigga
"I like her, I like her" ol’ torn ass nigga
"I’ma make a diss track that’s just a chorus" ass nigga
You a broke bitch, got the cheapest foreign ass nigga
Yuh, you know you a large, why are all your shirts a medium? Dejonta Murray took your girl, you a lame bitch
Say you hate when niggas take flows, then explain this? You just summoned out this demon, nigga, "Charlie Charlie"
Cash old as fuck and his hairline sorry, sorry
Darryl know he took the L, now he wanna box
Made the pussy cut his hair, I feel like a box
I’m ’bout to Swiper-swipe yo bitch, I feel like a fox
Got these Timbs on my feet but I’m not from the Bronx
Stop tryna diss me, you can’t beat the best
You can tell this shit Supreme when you see the "S"
I just call it how I see it, I should be a ref
Zias look like a gorilla, bitch, beat yo chest (uh, uh)
Part II: Produced by PrinceTheProducer
Yuh, yuh
RIP DDG, man
Nigga’s a lil bitch ass nigga, man, wanna go with the Diss God? She just got out of the shower and she still answered
Played Cash and got crossed like a double agent
Now you mad ’cause yo dirty ass couldn’t fuck Chandler
Every song that you drop, it made me laugh harder
Think yo ex a pearl, but she look like Mr.

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