Dawn Foss – Christmas Fair Vendor Lyrics

DAWN FOSSChristmas Fair Vendor Lyrics
Here I am a-sittin’ at a holiday craft fair. Come get yours now, ’cause I won’t be here for long,
Would you like a book, a t-shirt, or a lovely song? Vending at a craft fair, meetin’ lots of friendly folks,
All of us supportive, laughing, smiling, telling jokes. Christmastime is coming, is there anything you want to buy? Merry Christmas to you, may your holidays be the best! Spent lots of money on a fee just to be here. Had quiet time with God and thankful for the rest,
Hope that those who purchased my items will be mighty blessed! Everyone’s a passin’ by my table with a smile
Saying, “Good for you”, thinkin’ that it’s worthwhile. Pot holders, cards, homemade dolls and home baked foods,
Teddy bears and sleighs, angels, vases, and festive goods. Feelin’ kind of lonely, wish I had a friend with me
To help me pass the time and keep me company. A staff member comes and relieves me for a break
To scope out the crafts and the things the other vendors make. Yawnin’ at the craft fair, wishin’ I was selling food,
Craft fair’s almost over, soon my car I’ll have to load. Smellin’ yummy food, would like a treat or two, you know. Lookin’ at the others with lots of customers near them,
Pretty scarves and teas, jewelry, facial creams and wooden pens. Needin’ a short break, but can’t leave my spot to go. Sittin’ at my table, watchin’ all the folks pass by.

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