Dancehall Artists Supports Ninja Man Ahead Of Murder Trial

“I’ve known Ninja Man for many years and he is one of the realest I’ve ever met, slash artists, coworker, everything in one. High court judge, Justice Martin Gayle, issued a warrant for the artist’s arrest and ordered the trial to immediately commence in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston. Since his arrest, some of his dancehall peers have been showing him a lot of support. Let's pray for Ninjaman at This Time? Ninja Man has been a good man, right now Ninja Man is a good man to the community, he is a good man to people overall and he has been doing a lot of charitable work in the community, helping people to go back to school, I mean it’s a lot of things Ninja Man has been doing. “A mi godfather dat, him real to me so me just a hope and pray fi everything go good.”
A trial date is not yet set for Ninja Man murder case. So I am just asking everybody to pray for Ninja Man right now so that the case can work out in his favor.”
Other dancehall entertainers like dancer Keiva and artist Pamputtae has been voicing their support. Tweet
Ninja Man is getting some support from the dancehall community following his recent arrest. D’Angel, who has been friends with Ninja Man for years, posted a video on Instagram asking her fans to pray for the legend. “Ninja Man a man weh bring me go studio and make me nyam food and dem ting deh, so mi affi put in my prayer,” Pamputtae said. “Let us all pray for Ninja Man at this time, he needs it, he needs all of our prayers,” D’Angel said. The dancehall legend was arrested on Tuesday after a judge denied his attorney application for a stay in his decade-old murder case. @ninjaman_music realest
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