Colubrids – Gone Lyrics

Goodbye Mickey Mousenow I won’t return
there’s nothing here
not one pure thing to remember
it doesn’t matter if you try
it’s out of my hands
I’ll just stand aside
it’s up to you
crack said the frog
it’s too dark to laugh
now there”s nothing here
not one single thing that gives meaning
see a glittering face
of course it’s smiling
until the big old rain takes it away
see your face it’s painted bad
and I stroke the horse’s neck
at least they left you in my dreams
the last thing I’ll give to you
is my kingdom of pain
hope you choke on it like me
don’t let me do this to me
gone, don’t let me do this
gone, I’m sorry
what a mutated song
this is not it’s return
don’t strike me again
‘Cause little boys grow, grow growling
you can’t touch me now
no, not ever
because I’ve become the poison behind your eyes
if I could only hurt you once
just enough to leave a scar
tell me would you notice me
this is not what I had planned
tell me what have we become
now it’s dead and no one cares

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