Casual Confrontation – Angst lyrics

In a dark, dark room,
Many things to do
Let’s make em up,
I’ll make em up for you. [Verse 2]
I have heard so many stories, I’m afraid we might be one
Part of me won’t seem too worried; the other part just wants to run
(But I don’t care anymore; I don’t care anymore)
(Pre chorus)
How does it feel? [Verse 1]
I have seen so many movies where this hasn’t happened
I have been in so many instances where this has
I have creeped on your social media, doesn’t seem like the wrong thing, to do
I have researched and rewritten every other
Song that makes me think of you
(Pre chorus)
It’s ok, I don’t need love. [Chorus]
I don’t want your hands in my hands if it
Means something more
We’ve been dancing around all this angst and it’s
Not what I signed up for
But growing up with you,
Who said we had to make this weird? To be in the presence
Of another human being? To be touched by another,
Loved by another,
To just breathe in another’s air,
Is so strange, it’s so strange,
Particularly when you’re not there
(Not even there)
(Repeat Chorus)
And the worst part is — I’m not so sure
And the worst part is I’m not so sure Anyway, if I die alone
Will you stay, in my mind
Either way?

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