Bunny Wailer to be Honored With Order Of Merit

Some of The Wailers top songs includes “Natty Dread,” “I shot the Sheriff,” and “Get Up Stand Up.” Bunny Wailer left the group   in 1974 and went on to acquire the surname Wailer. Their message of peace and love in their music would help them to become global icons in music. “I did not expect it, but knew it was something that ones spoke to me about being due based of the vastness of my contribution and my focus on preserving the legacy of The Wailers, not only to the music but to the Rastafari culture and community,” he said. This   is Bunny Wailer’s   third National Honor by the Jamaican government,   however, this is more significant since it is the third highest honor   granted in Jamaica by the state. Roots Classics’ and 1997   ‘Hall of Fame: A Tribute to Bob Marley ‘s 50th Anniversary (RAS).’ Some of Bunny Wailer’s most popular singles includes ‘Jammins’, ‘Collyman’, ‘Dancing Shoes’ and ‘Bald Head Jesus’. “It is growing on me as my greatest recognition. Tweet
On October 16th, Bunny Wailer   is slated to receive the   Order of Merit at Kings House in Kingston for his   influence in   pioneering reggae music. As one of the founding member of the Wailer and only Survivor of the group Bunny has contributed a lot to Jamaica music. It’s like getting that final PhD.”
Peter Tosh, Bob Marley along with Wailer formed The Wailers in 1963, but it wasn’t until 1972 that the group got their big break and landed a contract with Island Records. The group began in a time when political warfare’s was on the rampage and their songs spoke a lot about   equal rights and justice which had a huge impact socially in Jamaica back then. The reggae legen went on to win Grammy awards for his 1996 for the album Time Will Tell:   A Tribute to Bob Marley,’ 1995 ‘Crucial! In an interview with the Observer,   Wailer expressed his gratitude.

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