Baby Fever Lyrics – Starlito

Baby fever its Lito, Lito…
Hot Chicken
I mean if I’m in my feelings then I’m just in my feelings you gotta feel something to know you’re alive right? avoid it
At all costs… I’ll fall back before I fall off (Lito)
If these walls could talk
I really manifest destiny, this was all from a thought
I put that thought into action, I went from trappin to rappin, forreal (GrindHard)
And I ain’t going back and that’s real, in a half a year made a half a mill and I ain’t havin no deal
(I’m havin it fr) Just lost 11 hundred dollars on a buzzer beater (fuck)
Another band to make his bond I’m my brother’s keeper
Another band on yo babymama, ion love her neither
But on another note I got baby fever
Tryna gentrify rap (for real)
And I been in my I been in my I been in my feelings for awhile now…
(And not necessarily a bad thing)
Damn near a millionaire and I really want a child now
They tryna gentrify rap and I can’t censor the facts
Just keep ya image intact, make sure to mention you trap
Let them bejamins stack, you get a sentence for that
One of my friends coming back (welcome home) just did a ten yeah he flattened
He say star I see ya shining but why you ain’t got no kids
Ian have nothing to say… fuck it bring back the bridge
I been in my feelings for awhile now…
Nah but seriously, lately been feeling dated to say I’m an 80’s baby
Kids born in 2000’ll shoot you while someone tapes it
(Y’all don’t even know what tapin is)
I promise you I’m not crazy put Quanie on all my tapes and still think Lebron underrated
Drove from Phoenix to Vegas with just three songs on my playlist
Dear Mama by Pac and Jay-Z’s Mama Loves Me and Mama I Made It
You gotta pay me, yeah, and I been saving (GrindHard)
Yeah lately I been really wanting babies, so I can see a part of me that wasn’t always shady
Ion trust my lady (nah) she a product of the poison
Can’t stay out her phone won’t hear the message for the noise
Yeah, hmph, that’s how the truth be getting distorted
That’s why I’m self employed, don’t rent go get a mortgage
They trained us to destroy shit they brainwashed me before
World gone still spend when you ain’t coppin them jordans
You better be investing while you slanging all that boy (H)
Cause the whole time you been hanging round a name dropping informant (wait, damn)
That’s how it be forreal (forreal)
Brain can’t even contain all this game I got for ya, don’t play the game for the haters cause they not important
Way too much opportunity waiting out here for ya
That’s a waste of energy, don’t waste ya time.

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