AvaNu – No Body Better lyrics

Sitting here in my room
Feeling like a f*** fool
Cause I just let you slip away from me
Every time I try someone
They can’t seem to please me girl
Cause you’re the only one that knows how to love me
And that’s why you’re all I need
And baby I hate it when you leave
Baby I know that you hate me
And I hate you too but I know
That ain’t no body better than you. Chorus:
No body better
Sitting here thinking bout you
Wishing that you answer my calls
Cause I need you girl and I want you here right now
Said I need you baby
And I don’t wanna see you leave me
Baby I’m on my knees
And baby I’ma beg you please
Cause baby you’re all I need. Chorus:
No body better

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