Alex Sol – Friday Night lyrics

It’s Friday night and I have nothing to do
I’m looking at the vodka it’s calling my name
I think I just have to drown myself
Nobody cares
I’ll start with one shot to see if it will take me there
The sound of tick tock tick tock from the clock
Echoed in the dark room what am I thinking
Turn on the lights turn on the lights baby
So I can see you here
I here the engine and I come running
To find that you are not even there
Stop looking at the window stop thinking about him
Let it go let it go let it go wooh
A recluse an Amazon
You are tough carry on
Never surrender don’t give up on me baby
Your strength is my inspiration
You’ve been warned before
You should know this is coming to you
Don’t be naive girl it’s Friday night D
Don’t be waiting just drink up start with one shot
The sound of the door slamming
I’m waiting for his knock and hours later nothing
I must have been dreaming
He is gone and he will never come back to you
Just write a song pour your heart away
Drink up start with one shot ooohhh
It will take you to a world without pain
You will forget about him
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ooohhhh aaahhhhaaahhh
Aaahhhhh oooohhhh
Ooohhhh aaahhhhaaahhh
Aaahhhhh oooohhhh

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