Aidonia – Hot Tool Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Loud up the place with the bang bang boom
Go fi the rifle weh longer than broom
Weh we come from? Tweet
One, enuh
Yo, ZJ Liquid
Bang! Bang bang boom
Hot tool (Hot!)
Hot tool (Hot!)
Hot tool (Hot!)
Alright, move! Gang Bang School
Some pussy just a sing badman chune
Jag One crew, madman group
Chatty mouth bwoy, you a madman, fool
Send you home inna tomb, one mad move
On black room
Govana with the ting, send one and move
Hot tool
Hot, hot, hot, hot tool
Catch the pussy
With him face down inna a box food
Hot, hot, hot, hot tool
Mi say hot tool, anuh dutchie pot, fool
Hot tool pon your belly, act cool
Him a runner so give him a track shoes
[Verse 2]
Killing a sin, anuh sittin fi pickney try
Pull back the hammer, inna face me swing the
Squeeze up the trigger, hammer fly, the pin divide
Size 10 deh deh and say, “Wha’ that up in the sky?”
The thing kick you inna your face, your chin divide
People swallow you, fly and gingy fly
Repeat Chorus Bang bang boom

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