Aidonia Drop Gritty Masicka Diss Track “Hot Tool”

The war anthem was produced by 4th Genna Music and is currently available on iTunes/Apple Music. The two have been locked in a beef for the past two years, but for the most part Aidonia ignored Masicka. The track features Aidonia delivering his signature flow over a catchy bass-heavy beat. Tweet
Aidonia drop a new gritty single “Hot Tool” that is being touted as a Masicka diss track. Gang Bang School / Some pu**y just a sing badman chune / Jag One crew, madman group / Chatty mouth bwoy, you a madman, fool,” the J.O.P leader spits. “Loud up the place with the bang bang boom / Go fi the rifle weh longer than broom / Weh we come from? Over the summer, Masicka released two Aidonia diss tracks in a feud that has been mostly one sided. Perhaps Donia now feels like the Genahsyde deejay career is now big enough to warrant his attention.

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